We have launched the English-Russian dictionary for Android!

We have launched the English-Russian dictionary for Android!


This English-Russian dictionary contains the following functions:

1. Search by sound - as we hear and write.

To find a word, it is enough to know how it sounds. Turn on the "phonetic search" mode and find the English words by entering their approximate sounding in Russian letters. For example, enter "Izili" and get "EASILY"!

2. We have no mistakes - only accurate translations.
When comparing the translations of the words of this dictionary with the meanings given in the current explanatory English-English dictionary, there will be no difference.

3. Translation without an Internet connection.
The application works without an Internet connection, which makes it possible for you to use it wherever you are without additional costs!

4. A huge number of phrases and a convenient search for them.
Particular attention is paid to common idioms and examples of spoken language. The dictionary contains more than 50 000 examples of the use of words and idiomatic expressions. This makes it possible to study not just words, but to understand and use specific phrases and combinations of words used both in everyday life and in the business vocabulary of the native speaker. Searching for multiple keywords will greatly facilitate the search for such expressions.

5. Modern correct English.
The dictionary database is constantly replenished, so it contains words and meanings reflecting the latest changes in the language.

6. Advanced functionality.
Recognition of all grammatical forms of English words, switching on / off transcription display, spelling variants, grammatical forms, indicating parts of speech, accentuation. Contains all forms of verbs. Translation of any form of words.

7. Customizable appearance of the application: dark and light themes, changing the font size.