Implementation and maintenance of ACEMS

Implementation and maintenance of ACEMS "ASQ"


ASKUE "ASQ" is a hardware-software complex that allows, by collecting indications from almost any model of a household meter, to keep records of electricity depending on tariffs and time zones. There is a construction of reports and the possibility of data analysis. The complex has been tested and implemented since February 2011 at several sites.

System advantages:
The possibility of extending the single-tariff system to multi-tariff;
The possibility of expanding the already implemented system;
Collect information on the computer in a convenient form;
Analysis of the obtained data, construction of reports;
High noise immunity of data transmission channels.

Scheme of work:
The developed complex has a tree-like hierarchical structure, the root of which is a computer with special software running under Microsoft Windows.

The main element of the hardware is the central switch that connects to the computer via USB or RS-232 (COM port) interfaces. Connecting buses are connected to the central switchboard, and apartment modules are already connected to them, which, in turn, are connected to single-rate meters.

The scheme of the Central Committee has a flexible structure that makes it possible to increase the number of entrances very quickly and without complications without interfering with the circuitry of the Central Committee.

The system realizes uninterrupted operation, using uninterruptible power supply units and has high noise immunity of data transmission channels.

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